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Congrats to Lauren Phillips, PhD!
Welcome to Dr. Tom Albright's 
Laboratory for Conservation Biogeography in the Department of Geography at the University of Nevada, Reno!

Our lab's research is about interactions between environmental change (especially climate), plants and animals, and people. We employ a variety of remote sensing platforms, field data, GIS, spatial analysis, and statistical and mechanistic modeling. We've looked at implications of environmental change on birds, mammals, plants (from rare endemics to invasive weeds), evapotranspiration, topo- and micro-climate diversity, and protected area assessment, and more recently, urban areas. Projects generally focus in the Western US, but we’ve also worked in China and Nicaragua, Central America.


In addition to research, we also highly value teaching and learning, contributing to policy discussions, communicating science, and diversity/inclusion in what we collectively do.

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