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Join us!

There is a funded grad student position in urban heat hazards starting in fall 2023 with pre-applications due 2 Jan. See blog for details.


We periodically have (and in some cases, make) opportunities for people to join in capacities ranging from undergraduate researchers, technicians, and interns, to grad students & postdocs, to visiting faculty on sabbatical. Such opportunities are generally advertised on the blog (and through other media) or you can inquire with Professor Albright.

Undergraduate research, tech positions, and volunteering

I welcome the opportunity to work with motivated undergraduate students from geography, biology, natural resources, computer science, and other majors. If you are interested, please e-mail me with a current resume/CV and a description of your background, skills, and interests, although opportunities are dependent on funding. Sometimes, we will advertise specific opportunities (see the blog!).

Graduate students and postdocs

From time to time, we'll have a funded research assistantship available. Students may also be supported through other means, such as fellowships or TAships. If you are interested in pursuing these or other options, please e-mail me with a current CV, your educational and professional goals, a description of your research interests, and ideas for funding. Finally, see my note to prospective students.

A few professional societies we are active in
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